Antonio Navas Martín was born in 1991 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria island, and spent his childhood between the ocean and the mountains. Eventually, in the late 90s, he moved to Valladolid, in the Iberian Peninsula. As a kid, he was already fascinated by everything visual and his memories filled with color soaked hands, and visits to exhibitions.The thrill of painting and the experience with pigments and visual culture grew bigger during his teenage years, by delving into graffiti, and occasionally into street art.

In 2009, he decides to start studying arts and crafts in the “Escuela de artes plásticas y diseño”, Valladolid. After that in 2014, he enrolled the University of Salamanca in order to achieve a degree in Fine Arts. Since then, his interest for history of art, and investigating diverse techniques and materials, has never ceased.
It wouldn’t be long for him to realize the reactions of the observers to the same craft in different contexts, which will forge a new investigating stage, combined with deepening into automatisms and creative-subconscious.

Although 2012 is the year of his first dated exhibition, it is while studying Fine Arts when he will be dazzled by currents such as matter painting, or abstract expressionism, shifting his work almost completely by then. Jean Dubuffet’s, Mark Rothko’s, Clyfford Still’s or Franz Kline’s artwork will inspire him to experiment with a new array of supports, colors, materials and tools, as well as to observe its interactions. The pursuit of working a craft that evolves in lockstep with clarity will be bolstered during this stage.

More involved in the creation, and encouraged to exteriorize his first artwork, it was at that moment he perceived them as more mature. As a result, he then formed “Kaikoo” in 2015 along with some other artists, photographers and multidisciplinary creators he had met in his academic surroundings. Later that year, he establishes “Espacio Cero” group to which he still belongs at present.

From then on, he has exhibited in Europe on numerous occasions, both solo and collective expos: Milan, London, Vienna, Munich, Luxembourg or Paris amongst others, are some international examples, and in Spain, cities as: Barcelona, Madrid, La Rioja, San Sebastián, Valladolid, and his birthplace, have held his exhibitions as well.

At the present time, and while being in continuous touch with other artists and professionals of the visual, he is developing projects with miscellaneous formats and techniques on his private studio. He is working with the usual enthusiasm, and with a reinforced and always improving vision thanks to years of experience.