Everything impacts every stroke and decision on the canvas. On a thoughtless way, several references of the “Avant-garde” century, other influences of linked disciplines –on different degrees- to the world of art, the never-ending flow of images consumed on a daily basis, my own vital experiences that indicate how I can feel before or after the same process of each craft, and other factors I didn’t even take note of, were conditioning me.


Let’s add the other side of the coin; every circumstance I alter at my will. My investigation, which moves from the modification of the geometric shape of the frames, to the tools I design and materialize to apply pigments of heterogeneous nature. Pigments that often interact on an unexpected way. Among other factors this determines uneven and surprising results as well.


Several studies on perception psychology verify that, because of a natural impulse, human subconscious will try to rationalize on a huge number of combinations, each and every single visual stimulus that, on first sight, seemed random.


As if it was a game, a puzzle to be solved arises. A paradoxical consensus between the intuitive and rational hemispheres of the brain, synthesizes visual elements until it reaches a consistent and undeniable idea.
Because my craft doesn’t end until it hasn’t reached your perception and previous reaction. In other words: You define an own and personal craft, based on my action.


On an instant you went through being an observer, to become the creator.
As I have been noticing this synergic interaction, my craft has evolved to reinforce this relationship with the canvas acting as an intermediary between the observer and the craft.
I need to know what you see, feel, what inner dialogue it generates everytime you observe it.


Here you have a selection of crafts, fruit of the intense conversations between my most persevering investigation, and what my heart sentenced.
I hope you enjoy this material as much as I do.